William Hall: Trade Show Presenter.
Trusted by HP, Microsoft, Sony, Oracle, National Semiconductor, Artisan, Blue Coat, Hologic and more.

William Hall

"William's capabilities are three-fold -

- he connects well to the audience,

- he has a very friendly and approachable style and

- he does whatever it takes to deliver the best possible presentation."

          - Nancy Keith Kelly
               for Sony at NAB

"Trade shows are a cross between a cold call and a carnvial midway!"
                                                                                                    ~ William Hall

Business Outcome: You invest a lot of time and money to present your product or service at a trade show. The GOOD thing is that the audience is qualified to be interested in your product or service - but the BAD thing is that you have to compete for their attention.

Best Case Scenario: Ideally you'd like to send one of your best people to make the presentation ...but can they deliver the message all day long for 3 or 4 days?

Your Job: Get attention in the booth and capture qualified leads.

My Job: Make your job easier.

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